Evaluating the Software Architecture of a Rapid-Control-Prototyping System for Engine Management Systems


| Within the automotive industry functionalities are more and more represented through electronics. This results in an increasing complexity in the development of embedded systems software. In the framework of the BMBF-project ZAMOMO, the chair of computer science 11 is designing an architecture for a rapid-control-prototyping system in cooperation with our project partner VEMAC GmbH & CO. KG. Your task in this diploma thesis will consist of the documentation of the architecture via UML diagrams and its analysis. The analyses should be carried out in regard to the following acpects:

  • Does the architecture take into account functional requirements?
  • Does the architecture incorporate non-functional requirements?
  • What are the effects of the development process on the architecture of the RCP system?


In case of interest, please send an email to the tutor for more information.

Fields of Study

  • Computer science, electrical engineering or comparable.


  • Bo-Min Kang


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