Jianye Xu, M.Sc. RWTH


PhD student

Phone +49 241 80 21149
Fax +49 241 80 22150

Email: xu[at]embedded[dot]rwth-aachen[dot]de

Address: Ahornstr. 55, 52074 Aachen, Germany
Office: room 2314 (building H)

About me

I am a member of the Cyber-Physical Mobility Group.


On the one hand, I am conducting research as part of the project HarMobi (Harmonizing Mobility). Besides, I am responsible for organizing the CPM Olympics, a yearly competition focused on trajectory planning for connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs).

On the other hand, my research focuses on multi-agent decision-making, with a specific interest in integrating learning-based and optimization-based methods, aiming to combine the merits of both. Specifically, I apply my methods to CAVs. I believe CAVs are one of the key enablers for future intelligent transportation systems due to their connectivity enabled by a communication network, which is pivotal to cooperative driving. My research endeavors to overcome four specific barriers in CAVs: (1) safety, (2) real-time capability, (3) scalability, and (4) adaptability/generalizability.

Office hours

By appointment

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RWTH Aachen University - Chair of Computer Science 11 - Ahornstr. 55 - 52074 Aachen - Germany